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American Eagle by Federal is one of the most popular ammunition's we sell. reasonably priced and readily available we stock a full range of AE. 


Many calibers and grades of Federal ammunition in stock to include Premium, Shock, Fusion, and American Eagle.

Federal Fusion quality ammo at a reasonable price available in stock for many calibers.


Selection of some hard to find calibers available in Hornady.

We stock Buffalo Bore Ammunition.

Heavy load ammo for those special needs!

We stock Blazer Brass ammunition.

Plenty of CCI Rimfire ammo in stock to include shotshells and quiets.

Estate shotshells available by the box or by the case!

Check out our ammunition inventory!  We have in stock some really hard to find ammo and if we do not have it we will work hard to find it for you.  One of our policies is if we have the gun on the shelf for sale we also want to have the ammunition for you to shoot.  As many are aware this is not always possible but we try hard to make it happen.  When was the last time you walked into a shop and saw 43 Spanish on the shelf for sale?  We have it!  Also stocking 50 BMG AP & API, many foreign military calibers and some rare and unique calibers.